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Jul 20, 2017

We think if we have hormonal problems, we sensibly need to see an endocrinologist or gynecologist. But it turns out, today, that not many people, even doctors, get hormones right. Dr. Monaco explains this stunning reality in medicine, in-depth.

Very few doctors have been trained in how to assess for hormonal imbalances, how to treat, how long to treat, and to appreciate the emerging broad swath of hormonal protective actions that occur all throughout the human body. Too many doctors practice extremely antiquated medicine, especially in terms of the world of hormone therapies.

Hormones are not just about sexy or reproductive actions. They are not just about issues in middle or later age.

Just a few examples: 

  • Testosterone protects against premature death in males.
  • It also protects against prostate disease.
  • It protects against heart disease in women.
  • In both genders hormones are major brain protectors.
  • Estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, even oxytocin, all, in both genders, help ward off depression, anxiety and even dementia.
  • DHEA makes your skin look shinier and younger.
  • Melatonin fights cancer, not just insomnia.
  • Estrogen receptor beta signals protect against breast and prostate cancer.
  • In contrast, receptor beta signals in excess, promote heart disease.
  • Thus, hormones must be in optimal ‘goldilocks’ ranges.
  • Laboratory norms based on populations of regular people are often not the best way to assess the best hormone levels for you and me.
  • Many women are told after a hysterectomy, to only take estrogen, never progesterone, as they don’t have a uterus. Wrong! Old ignorant thinking. Still practiced. Who loses out? You!

Many women’s ovaries after any abdominal surgery don’t work as well, yet these women rarely have their hormones tracked, or replacement considered.

Dementia is on the rise. Bioidentical hormone replacement should also then, be on the rise. Why? Hormones protect our brain. They even tamp down susceptibility genes, like APOE4 for Alzheimer’s, meaning they really protect the brain. The Department of Neurology at UCLA is reversing mild to moderate cases of dementia (in 3 to 6 months!) and what is one of their major tools? Hormone replacement!

Do we hear about this much? No. Why? Because the scientists are UCLA are reversing dementia without big drugs.  They are using nutrients, herbs, diet and hormones. That won’t work. Because medicine has become a lot about drugs. A profession that hands out drugs. And casts suspicion upon drugless therapies.

If there are more inexpensive but helpful, effective answers, like nutrients and hormones, those often aren’t recommended. In fact, a doctor may lose his or her position in a team practice if they recommend these tools to their patients. Even if they know they work, are less expensive and have less dangers. Why? Medicine is drugs. The doctors write the scripts. But you are part of the issue, too. If you keep going to the trough and keep getting more drugs, you too are contributing to this enlarging, dangerous and unprecedented problem.

To age without hormone assessment and individual replacement, is to miss out on this personalized medicine that is amazingly protective on so many levels. Women don’t realize that many women on bioidentical hormone therapies have less risk of breast cancer, not more.

Hormones are as close to anti-aging miracles as you can get. Many of the symptoms of aging, like aches, pains, poorer memory, wimpier muscles, getting fatter, getting old lady and man voice, losing lung power, and more, are greatly due to hormonal waning. And can be reversed, rather rapidly, by hormonal replacement.

Alas, too many doctors don’t realize this perspective or wide range of actions of hormones. They do not see hormones as “preventative” or “treatment” tools. But just because they don’t read or know about the vast literature that substantiates this viewpoint, does not mean they’re right. Or that you should lose out.

Dr. Monaco shares how he went from a baby delivering, New Jersey raised, tough guy, softhearted gynecologist, to a bioidentical hormone and integrative physician.

Dr. M is in a team practice with a world famous integrative cardiologist, Dr. Mark C. Houston in Nashville, Tenn.  Dr. Monaco lectures worldwide on how hormones protect against heart disease, a major killer for both sexes, as we grow older.

Dr. M trains doctors in how hormones protect us against many ills often regarded as inevitable, but which often are results of email freeze from hormonal signals. And these issues are often rapidly fixed, if treated by a smart foreword-thinking doctor like Jack!

Jul 13, 2017

William Davis MD. Best-Selling Author of Wheat Belly and Undoctored: Why HealthCare Has Failed You And How To Be Smarter Than Your Doctor.  Dr. Davis was one of the first physicians to point out the many potential nasty health effects of wheat and carbs on our waistlines and our hearts.

Dr. William R. Davis is a Milwaukee-based American cardiologistknown for his health crusading stance against "modern day wheat”which he labels as "perfect, chronic poison” and also calls it Frankenwheat” – a toxic and addictive substance that makes people want to eat more, binge on junk food, and eventually ruins their cardiovascular systems and lives.

Williams says that once he discovered the power of food, he could take seriously ill heart patients and turn them around within a very short period of time, based solely on a combination of improved diet and nutraceuticals. Medical money to be made, William reminds us, is in procedures and meds. In contrast, to morph “ill” to “fully recovered” is about what we put into our mouths.

On The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. William was one of the first medical doctors to tell the American public that the wheat of today is nothing like the wheat of 1960’s or the 1950’s. Wheat has changed. It’s not the wheat our moms or grandmothers ate.

New wheat crops have implications for human health that had never been anticipated.

None of us should be eating grains. Forget the folklore that oatmeal is good for your cholesterol. The less grains, the stronger your heart. When we go off grains we hurt less, we achieve thinner waists, get energy back no matter our age, and we heal our heart tissue and basic heart cell, the all important cardiomyocyte.

Williams used to make a lot of money for the hospitals he worked for with stents and procedures and meds, all of which kept patients velcored to accept “learned helplessness”, and never really got them well. So much medicine for chronic care, keeps people ill.

Dr. Williams says that most doctors enter medicine to make the pot of money at the end of the rainbow. The status quo of medicine does not recognize diet because it doesn’t cost anything to try it. Williams feels it is not until the doctors that practice this antiquated way, die out, and make room for younger doctors that are trained and weaned on getting folks well by using food to largely do so, that we will see the change in chronic care medicine that has to take place.

Dr. William’s is author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Wheat Belly: Lose the wheat, lose the weight and find your path back to health. His other books are:  Wheat Belly Total Health, Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox, and others! 

Check out his blogs and other cool stuff:  Get his books on Amazon.

Jul 6, 2017

Dr. Nathan is one of the top American medical experts on mold toxin infections and eradicating them. Dr. Nathan has been in practice over 40 years and into taking a look at the link between serious chronic disease and hidden cases of mold (that often go undiagnosed for a long time) for 22 years. Dr. Nathan says many cases of Lyme or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that are not responsive to care, is due to an overriding ongoing mold infection that has not be identified or treated effectively.

Dr. Nathan says that when he addresses mold and effectively heals it within months (in most cases), often the other diseases a patient endured, starts to respond to care.

Twenty-five percent of humans have genetic glitches (which you can test at most labs with an HLADR panel) that do not allow them to clear mold toxins out of their body once exposed.  Mold easily proliferates in their body as they can’t get rid of it. They could have had an exposure years ago that is still with them, still growing inside them, yet they are not aware that this is happening. Most of their doctors don’t know this is happening either.

Dr. Nathan has been healing so many chronic sufferers once he addresses the mold issues, that now he is focuses on education. Dr. Nathan consults all over the world. He encourages the patient to be on the phone along with their practitioner. Since so few doctors understand the nuances of mold toxin medicine, it is his hope to train the doc while he is helping the patient. For no extra charge. All he charges is an hourly fee.

Symptoms of mold toxicity vary widely from patient to patient. They can be so divergent, the patient treks from doctor to doctor, addressing each symptom with a different specialist, and none of the doctors connect-the-dots to possible mold toxin infections.

Mold fungi can release toxic compounds that can enter any organ system. They enter various tissues in the body and release inflammatory cytokines. These can produce different symptoms depending on the tissues affected. Significant cognitive dysfunction is one of the most common cardinal symptoms.

Inflammation can occur in the limbic area of the brain creating intense emotions. The person can feel that they are walking around in a dream. There can be shifting symptoms. There can be severe asthma that is not easily controlled, recurrent sinus infections, and all kinds of gut issues from abdominal pain to bloat and crashing fatigue after meals. It is not uncommon to have unusual numbness and tingling in odd places that sometimes feel like vibrations in muscles, joints ad even in the pelvis and bladder.


The best testing, Dr. Nathan feels, is urine mycotoxins from Real Time Labs.

Dr. Nathan feels that this has been a very useful tool in his practice even though others have regarded it as non-specific, he disagrees.

Treatment has 4 parts:

  1. Find where or when you got exposed and get out of there.
  2. Use binders to help remove the toxins out of the body.
  3. Use anti-fungals specific to the exact species you harbor.
  4. Treat all orifices adequately.

You must analyze your home, work and even your car to find the source and get away from it. You might need to move out of your home till it is remediated by a certified company (not the same one that is doing the testing to avoid conflict of interest), and even need to buy new cloth furniture. Most clothes can be remediated.

Papers can be a problem.

Air sampling does not work.  Don’t get landlords to test if you have mold in an apartment as they use air sampling because it doesn’t work and then they are not held responsible.

Spores have weight and fall to the carpet. They are not in the air to be able to be adequately tested there. You need to get 5 grams of carpet dust and get PCR testing of 36 different species by an expert that is trained and licensed in doing this.

Dr. Nathan reminds us, though, that if you can’t clear mold toxins out of your body, your present mold issues may not be from your current environments and then testing your home, car or office is not appropriate. Drat.

You need binders to grab the mold and pull it out of your body. There are various binders and  like charcoal, bentonite,  cholestyramine and others. Once you know which mold species you have, specific binders work best for specific species. Few doctors know this but Dr. Nathan will share this with your doctor if you have a joint visit.

You must know which molds you have so you can be on the right anti-fungals to treat them. You must treat every single place that mold can be settled in and growing. So the anti-fungal medication that is appropriate for the species you are growing, which can be several, needs to be sprayed inside your nostrils, gargled, taken orally and sometimes even in other nooks and crannies. You have to de-weed your body thoroughly.

Most doctors, even if they treat mold, don’t find the exact species and then do not address all the places of possible contamination and proliferation.  Dr. Nathan says the more consistent the nasal and oral treatment, the better and faster the improvement.

You also need biofilm hackers. Dr. Nathan has a compounding pharmacy combine EDTA and xylitol into a nasal spray. Molds often create a glue-like matrix around themselves to protect themselves. So you can use various nutratceuticals or meds to hack through the goo and allow the anti-fungals to reach the fungi and kill the mold.

Dr. Nathan had his own radio show/podcast with Voice America called "The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today" which are archived and easily accessed through his website,  under Radio Shows.

Jun 29, 2017

Wendy Myers is known as the “Detox Guru”. In this show we go into detox in step-by-step detail and show how heavy metal toxicity is linked to severe fatigue and hormonal issues, which is why detox is a critical answer for many who are not getting well by typical medical interventions. Wendy is the founder of and, which both emphasize toxic metal and mineral-testing protocols with individualized detox and mineral replacement programs to overcome fatigue and reverse diverse illnesses. Wendy recently had Dr. Joseph Mercola on her podcast and is presently treating him with her unique combination of individualized detox protocols along with the NES Bioenergetic programs. Meyers consults internationally out of Los Angeles, Ca. Meyers wrote the #1 best seller: Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. She uses “hair mineral analysis” and other functional tests to design customized programs to treat severe fatigue, resistant weight problems and hormonal imbalances. These protocols are especially helpful to regain energy, improve cognition, and balance adrenal and thyroid function. Meyer’s body of research can be found on her hundreds of articles on her websites. In 2018, she is launching the Detox Institute to teach practitioners how to properly use and interpret toxic metal hair, stool and urine tests. Heavy metal toxicity is an unappreciated major cause of various serious illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Wendy discusses her favorite detox protocols and gives her favorite simple tips. She gives details about how she uses “info-ceuticals.” Metals make mitochondria dysfunctional. Mitochondria are where human energy is produced.  Mitochondria require enzymes. These enzymes use nutrients to “feed” Krebs cycle activities that produce energy (ATP). Heavy metals block these enzymes and thus paralyze mitochondrial energy production. Part of rebooting energy is clearing heavy metals out of mitochondria and replacing the with specific minerals. Wendy explains the mercury toxicity link to hormonal issues from PCOS to miscarriage and also discusses how lead disrupts healthy estrogen signaling. Wendy has kindly made a great offer for YOU. She is giving away free eBooks for my listeners at this address  This was a super show on everything you wanted to know about detox but didn’t know who to ask.

Jun 20, 2017

Dr. Daniel Ruan Surgeon discussing, “One of the Most Undiagnosed Deadly Diseases." Only “fixed” by a 20-minute surgical procedure. It is too often undiagnosed and missed, even by well-intentioned doctors. This disease is primary hyperparathyroidism. 

Common symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism are: fatigue, feeling older than your chronological age, chronic heart burn, aches and pains, brain fog, personality changes such as increased irritability, depression, lack of motivation, insomnia and even feeling hopeless. But, it can occur without any symptoms, too.

Primary hyperparathyroidism is commonly linked (signs) to bone loss, kidney stones, pancreatitis, irregular heart beats severe esophageal reflux. It’s diagnosed, ideally, by elevated blood calcium levels, anywhere in the 10’s of mg/dL. If your blood calcium comes back at 10.2 on a regular basis, but your doctor says that’s normal.  After listening to this show you will understand the nuances of diagnosing this serious health issue, probably better than your doctor.

Any person who gets kidney stones, has bone loss, chronic reflux, or even a single case of pancreatitis, should be evaluated for this condition—primary hyperparathyroidism. But, alas, this life-threatening disorder often goes undiagnosed even by your trusty doctor and endocrinologist. There is a lot of misunderstanding out in the clinical trenches surrounding this disease. This includes diagnosis as well as treatment. But this show clears the air on every single level so you will achieve a grounded understanding of this condition by the end of this hour. 

What exactly is primary hyperparathyroidism? It’s when a benign tumor grows on one or more of four tiny glands that surround your thyroid gland. Since “para” means “to surround”, and these glands are located around your thyroid gland, which sits like a bow-tie organ at the base of your throat, these glands are labeled your parathyroid glands. You have four of them. But these glands have nothing to do with your thyroid functioning. 

Parathyroid glands rule your calcium dynamics. Calcium’s actions are famous for being linked to bone health. But calcium’s influence is much more global than only bone formation. Calcium dictates the entire electrical circuitry throughout your body. Thus when calcium, which should be very tightly controlled in the blood, goes too high or too low, many diverse symptoms can occur. 

In hyperparathyroidism, one or more parathyroid glands become over-active. They secrete excessive amounts of parathyroid hormone. This makes blood calcium levels go too high. In the 10’s. A children has fast growing bone, so kids and young adults can safely have calcium levels in the 10’s. But not once we become adults. 

Elevated blood levels of calcium are a deadly scenario. Calcium can get clogged in brain tissue, causing cognitive issues. Calcium is pulled out of the bones and can deposit in the heart, in blood vessels, in the kidneys, and in other organs, causing early aging and premature organ damage and even premature death. Calcium is a signaling molecule in the cells that secrete stomach acid (parietal cells) so there can commonly be severe reflux. 

The patient may be put on anti-depressants, antacids, go through multiple kidney stone procedures, and trek from psychologist to psychiatrist trying to figure out why they feel so gloomy and forlorn. When all the while it may be an insidious silent condition that is only treated by a short and non-invasive small incision in the throat under twilight to removed the “offending” non-cancerous (but deadly) tumor.

Yet, very few surgeons are trained in this minimally invasive technique designed by Dr. James Norman, the head of the Norman Parathyroid Center on the 6th floor of the Tampa General Hospital, nicknamed the “Parathyroid Palace”. This is where Dr. Ruan is part of this amazing, one of a kind, surgical team. There is no other surgical clinic in the world that only deals with parathyroid disease. Every staff member knows all there is to know about these four glands, the parathyroid's. No other surgical center focuses only on these endocrine organs alone.

Berkson has referred many patients to the Norman clinic, where Dr. Ruan came to be one of their highly trained surgeons after already being a surgeon at the prestigious Harvard Medical Center for eight years. Berkson has shadowed the surgeons at this center and knows first hand how life-saving this diagnosis and simple surgery can be. And we also discuss how too easily the patient can miss being appropriately diagnosed, or be wrongly diagnosed, or even go through a surgery that leaves them worse off or doesn’t address all the involved glands. 

There are a lot of surgeons out in the wild who do not have the experiential base to thoroughly assess and treat this often misunderstood issue: primary hyperparathyroidism.

Dr. Ruan shares his most striking cases. One woman was catatonic and couldn’t speak and within hours of the tumor on her parathyroid gland being removed, she could talk for the first time in a long while. One person was wheel chair bound for an extended time, yet by the second day after surgery with Dr. Ruan, they were walking!

This short surgery can be so life altering that Dr. Ruan became a bit teary-eyed while sharing these experiences. This show is touching and oh so informative. 

One of the huge take-homes from this amazing show is how easy it is to go to good doctors and great community surgeons and still not get the best care or even the accurate diagnosis. Berkson and Ruan detail all the issues to carefully watch out for to protect yourself and those you love. Remember, no one will ever care about your health as much as you will. 

This show gives life saving information on a too poorly understood issue that many doctors don’t catch. Yet it can make someone loose years off their life. This is a must- hear and must-share show! 

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Jun 9, 2017

Dr. Moss is a retired dentist who has devoted his life to nutrition and now has a doctor’s nutrient company, a global newsletter, and lectures worldwide. On this show Drs. Berkson and Moss discuss the pitfalls and unknown issues surrounding methylation and MTHFR. You’ll learn what exactly is methylation and why should you care. You’ll understand its purpose inside every human body. You’ll be able to know beyond a doubt, what is a polymorphism? What is the MTHFR polymorphism? And by the end of the this show, you’ll  appreciate the controversies surrounding MTHFR polymorphisms, and safe steps to protect yourself and those you love.

Jun 1, 2017

Dr. Jonathan Gruber. Major architect of Obama Care Act (he also wrote the Romney Care Act and Single Payer Vermont Legislation). We live in confusing times, especially surrounding health care policy. It’s difficult to understand the realities of health care legislation, especially since elected polarized representatives report highly conflicting facts about the differences between ObamaCare and Repeal and Replace.

I invited Dr. Gruber, a co-architect of ObamaCare, to come on the show to discuss the differences between these bills and how you and I can better protect ourselves or understand potential choices.

Dr. Jonathan Gruber was a top adviser on our present health care legislation that goes by various names such as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or, colloquially, Obamacare.

For much of his career, Dr. Gruber has been crafting public health policy. He was a key architect of the 2006 Massachusetts health care reform, often referred to as "Romneycare" and he also crafted and advocated for the “Single-Payer and Unified Health System” bill in Vermont. There has been some controversy over Gruber’s choice of words, but none about his being one of the most agile economic health thinkers of our times.

Dr. Gruber compares ObamaCare to Repeal and Replace as well as single payer health care systems. We discuss the original intentions of Obama Care and why there have been issues with it. Scoring of legislation, called a Congressional Budget Office analysis, it’s acronym—CBO, is explained.

If you want any new health legislation to retain any of the above, or address issues that none have done so far, or remove aspects you don’t agree with, please contact your local representatives and send them an email or call their office.

We live in a time where town meetings and single voices are being heard and can make a difference!

I asked Dr. Gruber to guide my readers to articles to better understand the new repeal and replace and Dr. G kindly supplied these links:

Dr. Gruber has a new 100 page comic book out that summarizes his understandings of these issues in an easy to read manner that you can buy right here.

May 24, 2017

Can your home be making you ill? Paula Baker-Laporte is one of the top 10 “Healthy Home” architects in the world. Green homes are not equal to the standards of healthy homes. Green homes are more about energy efficiency. Healthy homes are about what building materials are used, how the home uses nature, and how the home can function alongside its inhabitants; all considerations, which promote health rather than illness. Learn what issues lurk inside most conventional constructed houses. It’s shocking. And discover a brand-new world of healthy homes that bring nature inside to be your roommate.

Some people are chronically ill due to construction materials that out-gas, or supplies that are breeding grounds for mold, or conditions that expose us to continual unhealthy electromagnetic fields. Discover exact steps you can take to assess and improve your present home to make it safer. Did you know that your home can be built to turn off the electrical grid while you sleep, so your body can do the house cleaning, detoxing and cancer-fighting it is designed to perform during the night? 

Paula discusses how she went from a conventional architect to a “shape-shifter” in her field. Her and her husband, Robert Laporte, also an architect extraordinaire, now train other architects in what they have named, “Building Biology”. Building biology creates as much “nature” inside your home as possible. Learn about “earth-coupling” and how this can be applied to your new home or aspects of it to your existing one. 

On this show Berkson and Baker-Laporte discuss how to keep a forced air heating system less damaging to your family’s health. Duct systems are a perfect breeding ground for pathogenic mold, so you need to know this if you have a forced air furnace, which most of us do. Learn where else mold tends to breed and what you can do about it. Learn several of the top most dangerous aspects of most of American houses, and how you can protect yourself and your family.

This is a power-packed show on diverse aspects that most of us never consider, surrounding our most sacred space, our very own home. Many builders don’t consider these ramifications and potential dangers either. Very few builders, construction workers or even architects are versed in how to build really healthy homes. Thus this has become Paula’s very important life’s work.

The fact is, homes can make humans ill. This is also not often considered when you trek from doctor to doctor for your chronic illness that seems to evade all remission interventions. This is critical information for all of us.

When building a new home, or assessing your present one, Paula encourages a “team-effort” between your functional medical practitioners, yourself and Laporte’s team. Their team is called Eco-Nest. Paula is passing this critical information foreword. She and her husband hold yearly courses in Santa Fe at a conference center for interested architects and aspiring homeowners. The conference center in the capital of New Mexico was one of the only places that was okay with turning off the Wi-Fi and electricity while the attendees slept, and also serving completely organic food. 

I used to live in Santa Fe. That is where Paula and I became colleagues and girlfriends. Walking into one of Paula’s homes is like walking into a ancient church in some beautiful Italian town. It’s quiet. It feels safe. It feels solid. It exudes serenity. It’s all the terms wrapped up and applying to “sacred”. It is so palpable, the peace and the stillness and the welcoming energy, but it’s hard to appreciate if you haven’t spent time in a completely healthy home built entirely without conventional materials and only using natural ones like clay and oil. It’s honestly amazing, and I’m not just saying this because Paula is someone I love and respect. It’s completely the truth. Once you have walked into a completely eco-built home, you become stunned by the contrast when you go back to a conventionally built residence. It’s flabbergasting.

Eco-next gives the utmost attention to detail. Their work and their message is the tip of the iceberg of the home building industry. I remember when a water filter was not as commonplace as it is now. When I wrote Hormone Deception, I helped a water company in Santa Fe design the first “whole house” water filter, which makes much more sense, because we inhale more water inside our homes than drink it. But whole house water filters have not yet gone mainstream. Either have healthy homes. But Paula is a visionary leading this necessary way.

This is a game-changing show. You will never think the same way again, when going to buy a home or keeping your present one safe. Here are the links to Paula’s three books, her company and her teaching programs.


Book Links on Amazon: 

"The EcoNest Home"

"Prescriptions for a Healthy House"


Links to International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology:

Classes Paula teaches: 

IBE 213: Building Physics/Building Biology: 

IBE 215: Design for Health

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May 16, 2017

Carol L. Roberts MD. The scientific dope on dope! Marijuana, it’s history, medical application, and controversies. Who should use it and exactly how. What combination of its components, THC and CBD, work best, and why? Dr. Roberts graduated as a medical doctor from Harvard University. Roberts began her career as an ENT surgeon who started to question why many patients did not get permanently well. After giving up surgery for ten years of emergency medicine, Dr. Roberts became a functional medicine physician. She elucidates why she left straight medicine to get a larger doctor’s bag. She opened up a large office in a home and had at one time a staff of almost fifty employees. She had her own radio show and ran grand rounds at a medical school (where she kindly invited Berkson one year). Roberts eventually practiced in tandem with the well-recognized neurologist, Dr. Perlmutter (Author of Grain Brain). 

Dr. Roberts is fiercely smart, science-based and now puts her laser-focus on the clinical applications of marijuana. She highlights its use for chronic cases that historically have not had many or any answers. Examples are severe chronic pain, essential tremors, insomnia, neurodegenerative diseases and even some terminal cases of cancer.  

Roberts gives a detailed history of this herb. Did you know our founding fathers grew hemp and used it as paper for some of our earlier famous written laws? Dr. Roberts goes into dosages and diverse delivery routes. She shares case histories of application for tremors, anxiety and even shares a case study of a lung cancer patient who was dying and now is in healthy remission. 

This is a show that will have you never pondering “Mary Jane” in the same way again. Roberts also touches on post head trauma, how to minimize consequential deficiencies, epilepsy and much more. 

Dr. Robert’s sees patients at The Hughes Center for Functional Medicine in Naples, Florida. She and Berkson are riverboat buddies. Both docs download lots of learning about this shocking form of herbal medicine, so be prepared to have a larger brain.  

Good Medicine: return to common sense by Dr. Roberts, buy here:

Hughes Center For Functional Medicine:

May 11, 2017

Embryo Donation and Adoption and Snowflake babies. This is a podcast about options. Having more options for yourself and/or gifting more options to others. Kimberly Tyson is from Snowflakes, the first embryo donation and adoption company in the world. Nightlight® Christian Adoptions had already been finding forever families for children since 1959 through domestic, international and foster adoption services.  In 1997 they took this to another level for so many to make their dreams come true. Nightlight established the world’s first human embryo adoption program, the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program. By applying the best practices of adoption to embryo adoption, families with remaining frozen embryos are able to select a family who will adopt their embryos and then hopefully give birth to their adopted child.  In 2017 Snowflakes celebrates its 20th anniversary and the births of over 500 Snowflake babies. If this show might help you or those you love, share it and pass it forward. Fascinating and pragmatic to the max, this show may change the lives of many. Kimberly Tyson, Marketing and Program Director 970-663-6799

May 1, 2017

If exercise were a pill, we’d want to put it in our water. If it were a drug, we’d want a lifetime prescription. Berkson reviews three studies that drive home this amazing link between “moving more” and “dying later.” One study looked at the exercise habits of 55,000 adults who were monitored for mortality outcomes over 15 years. It was found that overall, runners lived an average of 3 years longer compared to persons who did not exercise at all. By now you are probably thinking that you hate to run or you can’t run, but more research revealed that ANY kind of motion for almost any period of time, slows down the Mack Truck of Aging.

A second study found that all forms of activity—low, medium, and high intensity, for short stints, one to two days a week, or more intensity with longer duration—reduced premature death from “all” causes and reduced the risk of getting various cancers. Even "weekend warriors", who work out once to twice a week for 75 to 150 minutes total, get longevity and cancer protections benefits.

A third publication found that regular exercise was just as effective as preventing death as drug interventions for patients with coronary heart disease, pre-diabetes, and other health conditions. In fact, with post-stroke individuals, consistent exercise was even MORE effective than just prescribing the appropriate drugs. 

The moral of this story: Move it or lose it . . . years off your life, that is. Longevity, not poetry, in motion!


Apr 26, 2017

All earth’s populations are struggling with pollution. There are over 700,000 pollution related deaths a year, but what about your baby’s brain? Dr. Barbara Demeneix is a scientist and professor at the Sorbonne University, Paris, France. Dr B’s 40-year career focus has been on endocrinology with a particular investigation of the thyroid gland and its essential role in intelligence. 

Dr. Demeneix discusses how contemporary thyroid health, especially in fetuses and babies, is under attack by today’s toxic environment. Dr. Demeneix’s book is called Toxic Cocktail. She shares how thyroid function, in both the pregnant mom and baby, are a major influence of the child’s IQ and brain function. In contrast, the thyroid gland is one of the most vulnerable tissues of the human body, affected severely by endocrine-disrupting pollutants in today’s chemical soup that we all eat, live and breathe. 

There are many “action steps” that a pregnant woman can take in putting the new baby room together, in choice of self-care products, food choices and preparation, and even weight loss and detox protocols, to help protect your baby’s brain.  

The last chapter of Dr. D’s book gives a list of to-dos for specific protection. 

Toxic chemical exposure during pre-conception (before the egg and sperm come together), throughout pregnancy, and up to 3 years of age of your infant, are all “vulnerable windows” of exposure where chemicals that lurk in your home, air and water can damage your baby’s brain, health and immune system. This radio show should be heard and shared foreword to all those with children, grandchildren or planning to continue to grow their families. 

Pesticides on commonly consumed inorganic foods, foam often found inside furniture or baby mattresses, flame-retardants in computers heated up from prolonged use, and on and on, put your child at increased risk of ADHD or Asperger’s syndrome or even obesity and cancer. Dr. D. explains the details of how this is possible.  

These are real human health threats, yet, as Drs. D and B deliberate, at the same time Trump has just signed an EPA gag-order to deny the use of research to block more pesticide sales. The argument is that de-regulation creates more jobs. But it makes more people ill, especially children. California has the strictest environmental laws but has accomplished one of the most robust economies in the world. Dr. D shares how regulatory action can actually create more jobs.  

We go on to discuss specific minerals that are protective against these environmental assaults. Dr. D warns about the “dangers” of relying solely on sea salt as your salt of choice. Sea salt is deficient in iodine and may be contributing to thyroid disorders as well as increasing human vulnerabilities of the thyroid gland to today’s toxic exposures. We also discuss “zinc fingers” and oral contraceptives. Birth control pills appear to be potentially increasing thyroid vulnerabilities to toxic exposures by causing zinc deficiency inside red blood cells. Two atoms of zinc, called “zinc fingers” are critical for all sex, thyroid and adrenal hormones to deliver their signals to genes effectively. This spurned possibly new research directions with some of Dr. D’s European cohorts with banked blood. That would be so cool.

Drs. D. and B. discuss the intimate role of the adrenal hormone cortisol with the thyroid hormones. 

Dr. D. explains that thyroid dynamics are extremely complex. Wherever there is more complexity, more can go wrong and there can be more vulnerability to all these toxic interfaces.

We discuss the use of IQ air filters to come to the aid of the “gray matter “of your family. Click here for IQ airlifters. Click here for Dr. Demeneix’s new book, Toxic Cocktail.



Apr 21, 2017

Dr. Berkson speaks on new information about the power of food. The more fresh veggies you eat, the later you die. How you choose to eat effects how long and well you live. Everyone is looking for the holy grail to live longer and it’s a combination of moving more, eating less and consuming a smarter plant-based diet. Research out of the Imperial College of London shows that eating up to 10 portions of veggies and some fruit a day, appears to prevent 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide. If you thought 5 veggies and fruits a day was a stretch, getting double that increases your healthier years on your lifespan. Berkson discusses how to achieve getting lots of healthy veggies easily and with plenty of flavor.

Fruit juice, frozen fruit and canned fruit are linked to living less long and well. Berkson explains why. Both raw and cooked vegetables give similar benefits in relation to preventing earlier death from various causes but fresh veggies and fruits had the highest protection compared to frozen, canned or processed in other ways. Fruit and vegetables reduce cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, boost the health of our blood vessels and immune system and protect DNA damage that can lead to cancer and various diseases. Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, broccoli sprouts, kale, etc.,  are high are high in glucosinolates that activate enzymes that protect against cancer and growth out of control. Vegetables along with moderate fresh fruit intake also protect the bacteria inside our gut microbiome.

In terms of lifespan, up to 10 veggies and some fruit servings daily, protect more years well lived than anything else other than regular exercise (see Berkson’s Move More and Die Later podcast). Fresh vegetables had the strongest protective effect, with each daily portion reducing overall risk of death by 16%. Salad contributed to a 13% risk reduction per portion, while each portion of fresh fruit was associated with a smaller but still significant 4% reduction.  In contrast, fruit juice, canned fruit (worse in syrup) and frozen fruit had more links to dying sooner. 

Food is gut protective, if you make wise choices. Monash University and the CSIRO are using specialized diets rich in “resistant starch” to prevent and treat gut disorders (leaky gut and inflamed gut wall) and illnesses like Type 1 Diabetes. Monash University was where the low FODMAP diet was first introduced.  These researchers found -- for the first time -- that a diet high in “resistant starch” yields high amounts gut healing short-chain fatty acids.  When you consume foods high in resistant starch your gut bugs ferment these foods and then produce short chain fatty acids such as acetate and butyrate. These short chain fatty acids heal your constantly turning over gut wall as well as boost immune function in the immune system that lives inside the gut wall.  Short chain fatty acids protect against type 1 or juvenile diabetes and even help once someone has this disease. A typical Western diet is insufficient in resistant starch as well as diverse veggies and fruits. Too few short-chain fatty acids are formed. Insufficient short-chain fatty acids starve gut wall cells and set the scene for diseases like autoimmunity.

Berkson discusses which foods are high in resistant starch and what temperature they must be consumed at to gain these benefits! Resistant starch also helps the body fight off pre-cancerous lesions. Small blue potatoes are cancer busters. They are shockingly high in both anthocyanins as well as resistant fat. So these mighty small spuds help fight cancer stem cells as well as boost gut immunity. Links to 2 easy tasty recipes by Berkson that make it easy to get in 10 veggies in one meal at a time XXX


Apr 13, 2017

Evan Brand hosts one of the top 25 ranked health podcast shows in the US called Not Just Paleo. Evan, author of three health books, is also a nutritional sleuth specializing in identifying and naturally treating hidden gut infections. When he was a teenager he got very ill from what turned out to be multiple gut infections that his regular doctors could not identify. By identifying the exact organisms and learning how to use herbs to eradicate the infection, and becoming healthier than ever, launched Evan into his career. He shares that healthy diets alone will not treat fungal, parasitic or bacterial infections; they must be addressed. Natural answers are often more effective with less complications and often even reduce later recurrences better than many pharmaceutical interventions. But the practitioner has to really know what they are doing. Hidden gut infections are often the unappreciated root cause of various issues from inflammatory bowel disease to depression and even serious chronic fatigue. Evan healed himself and went on to become a healer of others. We discuss h. pylori infections, which can cause gastric ulcers and even cancers down the road. But this infection is very responsive to natural herbal treatments. H. pylori damages the cells that make stomach acid so often replacement of this is part of the natural protocol to heal the condition. If not replaced, this increases the risk for collateral infections like candidiasis. We discuss two nutraceuticals that prevent friendly yeast from morphing into more dangerous mycelized yeast, which can embed into the gut wall causing leaky gut and mycotoxin release fallout. We discuss the positive and sometimes negative role of digestive enzymes, especially the role of pepsin and bile on esophageal mucosal membranes. Esophageal aging is a real issue for many in mid and later life and we discuss the pros and cons of enzyme replacement keeping this in mind. Evan reminds us that nutrition is important but obsession with healthy eating, called orthorexia, can be a certifiable eating disorder.  Evan shares his typical healthy moderate menus and we discuss being sane and nutritionally moderate in an American world prone to obsession and hyperbole. Evan is a wealth of nutritional knowledge and treats patients internationally. We discuss testing methods of gut infections to hormones. Berkson and Brand have a lot of fun with a gentle authentic give and take of factoids to make your life more fun, healthy and yet nutritionally reasonable.

Apr 4, 2017

Discrimination against aging women in romance, the market place and the good old USA, is rampant. Nobody makes a big issue that President Trump started up his relationship with Melania when he was 52 and she was 28. But if a woman did that, boy would she and the younger dude get hit with a tonnage of criticism. Women are judged on their looks. Older men want younger women who look better. Corporations want younger female employees that look good, too. But fact is fact. Maturing women are the fastest growing demographic in the world, so what are we going to do about this injustice? We fight for the rights of African Americans, Muslims, disabled people, but what about the deep pervasive cultural bias against aging women. We walk around with "mind bugs" which are prejudices we inherit from how we were raised or that we take on from our culture. But we can do something about clearing these mind bugs out of our heads. It takes awareness and intention. But we have to start clearing the mind bug decks. Why? When we discriminate against a huge proportion of our human family, our country becomes ill and it's harder to be healthier for each of us. The health of the family of mankind affects each of our personal health. To put down, to make feel judged and made less than, a huge portion of older people, who in contrast are rich in resources, wisdom and often more patience and compassion, we harm our selves. And we harm and isolate these older women who were our mothers and caretakers and upholders of our early families. Even candid gerontologists are admitting there is excessive  "granny bashing" among doctors behind closed doors against older women. These mind bugs need to stop. Maturing women  themselves need to not buy into being less than. It isn't easy to buck a societal perceptive addiction. But change always takes tools and Berkson offers up a bunch. Berkson takes this topic head on. You are guaranteed to have your mind and heart expanded. You'll never think about living longer on third ball from the Sun in the same way again.



Mar 28, 2017
Swami (Steve Bhaerman) is a "cosmic comic" who has been doing comedy about consciousness and enlightenment for 30 years, and making a living at it! Humor is a critical pillar of health. Berkson attempts to insert human into many aspects of daily life with those she knows as well as strangers. Humor makes you open your spirit to that which you may not have considered. It can even be called "moment yoga" as it unites you with the "now". Berkson belongs to a toastmaster comedy club (Laughing Really Matters, Austin, TX) so she cherishes humor. Humor is not frivolous, it is a gift and a portal through which the universe laughs along with us. Humor makes pain and suffering a smaller font size. No one knows this better than Swami who has been making humor his focus his whole life. So talking with the Swami was a delight. He has lectured to universities, medical symposiums, health centers, and on and on. Swami co-authored a book on consciousness with the famous scientist Bruce Lipton and the book is now selling in 22 countries. So this Swami is both funny and serious at the same time. All effective good humor does this, too. This show is a walk on the wild side, to take a look at health from a refreshing and different perspective. The Swami consults one-on-one with those who want more humor in their life or lectures. You can sign up for a daily Swami humor and more. Check out these links to get more of the Swami:
Mar 21, 2017

Dr. Pizzorno and Dr. Berkson have been colleagues since the 1970's, so this discussion unfolds as rich in facts but sincerely warm-hearted between two long time natural healers. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a thought leader in functional medicine and is now a paradigm shifter in environmental medicine. Dr. Pizzorno was founding president of Bastyr University, one of the prestigious naturopathic colleagues in the US. 

Dr. Pizzorno has been practicing, teaching and guiding this naturopathic field since the 1970’s. Dr. P is also president of SaluGenecists, a company that develops tools for clinicians to discover root causes of disease and then be able to pick the best individualized effective treatments based on the patient’s personal physiology.

 Dr. P is also Editor-in-Chief of the well respected Integrative Medicine, A Clinician's Journal.  In this podcast Pizzorno and Berkson are discussing his new book The Toxin Solution. Too often, people can go through the trouble of performing detoxification protocols, but find themselves worse off afterwards by not doing the detox protocol right. What does this mean? There needs to be adequate "organ' preparation, effective identification of specific toxins and exact modalities to liberate them from hidden reserves, and most importantly, and effective clearing of these toxins out of the body. Too many detox programs liberate toxins but don't address these other components. People can go through all that effort and come out less well. Dr. Pizzorno shares, from a clinician's point of view, that many diseases can be completely eliminated, from rheumatoid arthritis to Alzheimer's, by practitioner monitored in-depth detoxification protocols. And then of course, living more cleanly afterwards. Dr. P tells the mesmerizing story of the oil field workers that first got his attention and led to his research. He explains that the human body requires enzymes to perform cellular activities. Nutrients or nutritional supplements “feed” enzymes, while in contrast, most pharmaceuticals “kill” them. Natural answers such as detoxification methods make so much more sense in the long run to eliminate disease, rather than the use of medications that mostly address symptoms but don’t help or intend for the person to get over that disease. These doctors discussed side effects of some over the counter meds like acetaminophen. This rinses glutathione out of the body. Glutathione is a major supporter of detox enzymes. When this is rinsed out of the body, the body is at greater risk of disease, infections, and many worse things than the headaches you grabbed this medicine for in the first place. People who take acetaminophen regularly and live on a golf course, for example, have a harder time processing the chemicals used on the greens and are much more prone to serious health issues. We now live in a toxic soup. No one is immune. You cannot shop yourself out of this mess and regulatory actions can't happen fast enough. So as clinicians, we need, as Dr. Pizzorno emphasizes, to offer answers to help people get over serious illnesses once and for all. Often expensive meds have adverse serious side effects that, on top of the illness in the first place, make the person feel worse in the second place. And do not eradicate the illness. 

And more shocking is that many of these meds, at the physiology level, can actually make people worse, by rinsing out nutrients, damaging enzymes, blocking critical pathways, and more. Dr. Pizzorno loves to motorcycle with his wife Laura through the countrysides of the many places he is sought after to speak around the world. At Dr. Pizzorno's website,, he has provided a plethora of information to help you understand the critical role of how the toxin issue must be addressed by all of us. We can't keep putting our heads in the sand. For example, lactating mom's download 40 to 80% of their lifetime chemical load to their infants. This is contributing to increases in serious childhood illnesses. What’s one answer? Get tested and detoxed ideally prior to conception. Berkson has been calling for Green Pregnancy for years.  This warm, insightful and factoid filled discussion between colleagues and old friends, highlights that detoxification must move mainstream. Dr. Pizzorno’s book is a guide to show you how, but he recommends that you work with physicians who also know how. This shrinks the playing field. If you ask your regular doctor they will most likely not know about the role of toxicity in your health issues. As Roger Williams PhD used to say, “It’s human to be down on what you aren’t up on.” Get up on this amazing information on detox to stretch your understanding of its critical role in total healing. This podcast gives you a window into “this new medicine.”

Mar 17, 2017

Dr. Davis Lamson explains that much of regular cancer interventions, surgery, chemo and radiation, eradicate mostly "daughter" tumor cells, but rarely get all of the "cancer stem cells". These can live inside bone marrow or other places even when the tumor is at a distance. It is cancer stem cells that mostly "re-seed" new cancer cells initiating dreaded recurrences. Dr. Lamson has made it his career to search out peer-reviewed published, science-based agents (pharmaceutical, herbal and nutritional) that have been shown to kill cancer stem cells. This is a must hear show if you have or had cancer. Or you have a loved one that has cancer and is now in remission. Especially if they are reluctant to be more proactive. This show will give them motivation to take more steps to try to be as safe as they can be. Dr. Lamson explains why you need to address the state of your body that allowed a cancer to grow in the first place, and use healthy answers to reboot your health to try to succeed in not having the cancer return. 

Dr. Davis Lamson was an organic chemist before becoming a naturopath. He has taken his love of chemistry and applied it to studying diseases at the deepest molecular levels to explore what emergent natural and pharmaceutical tools might be used to promote healing. Dr. Lamson's main focus has been on autoimmunity and cancer. Dr. Lamson emphasizes that "remission management" is the true next step after going into remission, not merely waiting around to see if you are lucky... or not. Davis consulted Dr. Berkson when she had cancer 24 years ago. He told her back then that for the rest of her life her immune system should be her hobby. Now Dr. Lamson says he would rephrase it this way: Make your remission your hobby. In other words, don't hear the word "remission" and stop trying to help yourself. There is much more you can and should do. Dr. L. also discusses other underlying mechanisms that can contribute to cancer recurrences and suggests answers to address them. Dr. Lamson and Berkson rafted down the Grand Canyon together and they sprinkle memories of their 28 year friendship throughout this riveting show. 

Presently, Dr. Lamson practices at Tahoma Clinic in Tukwila, Washington (near Seattle). He has published over thirty-five research and review papers on hepatitis C, controlling MRSA, stimulating immune function, emphysema, autism, diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux, kidney failure, autoimmunity, and various cancer-related topics. He has invented various natural protocols that are now used around the world by many functional medicine doctors.Dr. Lamson was Adjunct Faculty and coordinator of oncology education for 17 years at the Medical School of Bastyr University. He presently serves on the conference committee of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians. If patients want a naturopathic physician board certified in complementary cancer care they can go to to find a doctor closest to them.       

Mar 10, 2017

Dr. Gaby discusses why and how he came to write Nutritional Medicine (Second Edition). This is an updated version of Nutritional Medicine (1st edition), which is a comprehensive textbook on the use of dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and other natural substances for the prevention and treatment of more than 400 health conditions. Dr. Gaby is one of the world's foremost authorities on nutritional therapy. Dr. Gaby shares some of his favorite nutritional protocols from this work. This book has been widely acclaimed as the leading textbook in its field. It is meticulously documented and clearly written, combining an exhaustive review of the medical literature with Dr. Gaby's extensive clinical experience. While written for healthcare practitioners, it is also a valuable reference book for educated laypeople who are interested in viable alternatives to conventional medicine. "A landmark, a milestone in the history of 21st century medicine." - Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. "This is the single most valuable reference book on natural remedies I’ve ever come across." - Julian Whitaker, M.D. Berkson and Gaby have been close friends and colleagues for 39 years, "Dr. Gaby has spent his life researching the science behind natural answers and is respected for his nutritional acumen above most other physicians in the field." You won't want to miss this informational yet fun podcast as these docs chat like the dear friends they are.

Read sample chapters at

Mar 7, 2017

Dr. Berkson highlights foods that help prevent primary and recurrent cancers. She emphasizes blue pigments in foods, like purple cabbage, purple carrots, purple cauliflower, radicchio, black rice, blueberries, blackberries, and more. Blue pigments are called anthocyanins and have been shown to fight daughter cancer cells and even cancer stem cells, which are the cells that create the highest risk of recurrence. Blue foods have been repeated shown in laboratory studies to kill ER+ breast cancer cells. Berkson discusses a rainbow diet filled with diverse polyphenolic protective compounds, as well as specific kinds of protective brassica (broccoli) family type foods. She busts the soy debate. 

Evidence clearly shows, beyond a doubt that women do not need to avoid whole "unprocessed" soy foods (if you oncologist told you this he or she does not know the well-replicated scientific literature that has put the soy issue at rest). Soy reduces risk of recurrence by up-regulating estrogen receptor beta signals linked to reducing cancer cell growth. But this is referring to organic non-GMO soy foods. Processed soy foods like hydrolyzed soy proteins and isolated flavones are linked to worsening cancer issues as they are “processed” foods, which act differently that whole natural unprocessed or fermented soy. Soy foods also have been found to help with weight reduction by replacing higher caloric and pro-inflammatory red meat meals. Berkson addresses the role of fat cells, adipocytes, on breast cancer, as well as vitamin C, melatonin, mushrooms, Vitamin D, and exercise. Chemo kills cancer cells but also damages affect gut wall cells that need to replace themselves almost twice a week and thus need vitamin A and folate for this healthy on-going cellular replication. Berkson points a finger at excess alcohol intake rampant in today's society as increasing risk of primary and recurrent cancers She discusses the role of oxytocin as a protector of breast tissue, attitude as a risk factor in post-cancer outcomes, and the toxic role that smoking plays in trying to stay remission free. Berkson discusses new laboratory research showing that inhaled resveratrol extract (an antimicrobial chemical substance produced by plants to protect against infection and stress) protects lung tissue against adverse effects of aging and disease. 

This suggests that grapes, red wine and resveratrol supplements are potential lung anti-aging agents and may also be helpful when trying to maintain remission. Berkson then focuses the spot light on omega-7 fatty acids to up-regulate anti-inflammatory genes that tamp down nasty inflammation, especially in the gut, and even in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis. 

A Mayo study is presented, that was double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled run on 20 patients with ulcerative colitis. Macadamia extract, 720 mg/day of Cis-palmitoleic acid, was orally administered for 8 weeks and gut inflammation monitored before and after. The author's concluded that cis-palmitoleic acid as co- adjuvant therapy for 8 weeks decreased the inflammatory activity in the gut of UC patients and is a good adjunctive tool. Go here for Berkson's to die-for macadamia sugar-free sinful tasting raw and easy to make mac pudding that is high in omega-7 fatty acid and helps fight unhealthy inflammation —

There is a newly appreciated role for Magnesium and green veggies on heart health. Supplementation with magnesium was found to improve heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is the variation in the times between heartbeats. HRV reflects balance between signals to the heart from the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. It suggests how ZEN and healthy you heart is or is not.

Low HRV now appears to suggest a disruption in proper balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic signaling to the heart. This often occur secondary to a variety of increased stressors such as emotional stress or nutrient deficiencies, like insufficient magnesium inside the red blood cell (RBC magnesium). 

In this randomized, controlled, 90-day study, 400 mg of magnesium combined with strength-endurance training improved HRV. This study shows that magnesium supplementation can help persons with mental and physical stress as well as health conditions linked to insufficient magnesium such as heart disease, chronic pain, headaches, heart arrhythmias, restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, or even depression. 

Olive oil helps your heart health, too. A Mediterranean diet, especially enriched with virgin olive oil, improves the functionality (how it works) of high-density lipoprotein, your good cholesterol,  even in patients at high risk for heart disease. 

A Mediterranean diet rich in virgin olive oil helps the body in diverse ways especially reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by:

-----removing excess cholesterol from arteries,

-----being a powerful antioxidant, and

-----keeping blood vessels stay more flexible and open (patent).

What else helps your heart health? Regular, satisfying orgasms. See

Minerva Gastroenterol Dietol. 2017 Feb 9. doi: 10.23736/S1121-421X.17.02367-4. Effect of Cis-palmitoleic acid (an omega-7 fatty acid) supplementation on inflammation and expression of HNF4γ, HNF4α and IL-6 in patients with ulcerative colitis: a double-blind, randomized pilot study.

Fortschr Med. 2016;158(Suppl 6):12-6.

Mar 3, 2017

Russ Jaffe MD PhD CNS is one of the fathers of functional nutritional medicine. Initially Dr. Jaffe was a coagulation specialist and also worked in regulatory medicine at the NIH. He heard of some alternative practitioners getting better results than many medical interventions. Being a Doubting Thomas and proactive on "rhoids" he went to check it out. Dr. Jaffe saw the many results of alternative care, like acupuncture. Due to his agile mind and spiritual nature, within time Dr. Jaffe became a moving force in integrative medicine himself. On this show, Dr. Jaffe discusses the 8 predictive biomarkers that clearly identify future risk of disease.  These are available for self-ordering at betterlabtestsnow.comunder the label of predictive biomarkers. 

Dr. Jaffe has trained 10,000 doctors in interpreting these results. Dr. J. feels that these tests give much more practical information than the typical yearly blood panels run by many facilities. Dr. Jaffe helped begin the higher board nutrition certification called the CNS.  Dr. J speaks about how to eat healthier, live healthier and walk your talk to give a higher probability of a healthier future. In this podcast, as in the first, Dr. J. combines scientific word-smithing with spiritual acumen (the Dalai Lama is his daughter's godfather) and much more. Dr. Jaffe says that sophisticated testing and nutrition are the real tools to survive this toxic present 21st Century.

Mar 3, 2017

Russ Jaffe MD PhD CNS is one of the fathers of functional nutritional medicine. Initially Dr. Jaffe was a coagulation specialist and also worked in regulatory medicine at the NIH. He heard of some alternative practitioners getting better results than many medical interventions. Being a Doubting Thomas and proactive on "rhoids" he went to check it out. Dr. Jaffe saw the many results of alternative care, like acupuncture. Due to his agile mind and spiritual nature, within time Dr. Jaffe became a moving force in integrative medicine himself. On this show, Dr. Jaffe discusses the 8 predictive biomarkers that clearly identify future risk of disease.  These are available for self-ordering at betterlabtestsnow.comunder the label of predictive biomarkers. 

Dr. Jaffe has trained 10,000 doctors in interpreting these results. Dr. J. feels that these tests give much more practical information than the typical yearly blood panels run by many facilities. Dr. Jaffe helped begin the higher board nutrition certification called the CNS.  Dr. J speaks about how to eat healthier, live healthier and walk your talk to give a higher probability of a healthier future. In this podcast, as in the first, Dr. J. combines scientific word-smithing with spiritual acumen (the Dalai Lama is his daughter's godfather) and much more. Dr. Jaffe says that sophisticated testing and nutrition are the real tools to survive this toxic present 21st Century.

Feb 28, 2017

Dr. Lindsey Berkson discusses how the power of food is not just in our food choices, but in how much we eat. This podcast is on the power of "less food." 

Dr. Berkson shares how "caloric restriction" helps us live younger longer and may now be used to treat some illnesses, such as reverse some cases of type-2 diabetes. It's long been repeatedly observed in pockets of humanity where people live longer and healthier, that eating less is one way to slow down the Mac Truck of Aging. But how? Brigham Young University researchers, in a mouse model, suggest it comes down to our "ribosomes." Ribosomes make proteins. They work 24/7 to do this. Since they work so hard, malfunctions can and do occur. Caloric restriction allows ribosomes to have extra time to repair. More repair and cellular "reboot" slow down the aging process and creates healthier cellular processes. So how do we give ribosomes more time to repair? By eating less. Restriction of calories creates an almost linear increase in lifespan as well as a healthier lifespan. It turns out that constantly eating three meals a day along with snacks, is not the best template to take in nutrition. Ribosomes like "time-out." Calorically restricted mice, compared to mice who were allowed to eat all they wanted, were more energetic and suffered with fewer diseases, as well as lived longer. 

Food is not just a substance to be burned. It signals our bodies how to respond and how life might unfold. Eating less food at various times, called "intermittent fasting" allows our bodies to rest, repair and reset our internal cellular systems.  

Dietary changes of less food and less sugars and carbohydrates, have been shown to reverse both pre-diabetes and overt diabetes, even in patients with long term serious illnesses. The Department of Medicine at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the Department of Preventive Medicine at the The University of Tennessee Health Science Center used eating less carbs and more protein to reverse pre-diabetes in males and females.

We are also now seeing caloric restriction reverse type-2 diabetes. Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist from Canada, has been reversing type-2 diabetes (not type-1). This is not new. Diabetologists were using caloric restriction to treat type-2 diabetes 100 years ago. Dr. Fung has been using variations on a theme of caloric restriction to reverse insulin resistance, normalize blood sugar, and get type-2 diabetics off many meds and live healthier and leaner lives. Type-2 diabetes has been repeatedly shown to be reversed by three ways: bariatric surgery, fasting and with keto-genic diets. What do they all have in common? Caloric restriction. Eating less calories and eating less sugars. These dietary changes rapidly move unhealthy fat out of the liver and pancreas. This often occurs within one to four weeks, long before huge amounts of weight have been lost. When fatty liver and pancreas begin to reverse, insulin resistance improves (IR). IR, says Dr. Fung, is the true cause of type-2 diabetes, not high blood sugars. Thus, one of the main goals in treating and possibly reversing type-2 diabetes is healing IR. Traditional diabetic care aims at lowering blood glucose. This is treating the symptom, not the root cause. Well performed studies have shown that tighter control of blood sugar in type-2 diabetics does not improve the health of these people and often increases all cause-mortality. At sensible times, eating less turns out to be part of eating wiser.

Feb 21, 2017

The earth is supersaturated with toxic chemicals, so our environment issues have entered into our health care problems and solutions. What we eat, how we get the bad stuff out of us, detox and better predictive blood tests to assess health, must all move mainstream. In fact, Dr. Jaffe shares that any person can go to and order a new assessment compilation of tests called "8 predictive biomarkers, that reveal you your risk of illness within the next 10 years much more accurately than typical yearly blood tests. Dr. Jaffe has trained 10,000 Md's in interpreting these tests and in his next talk will let us know how to get a hold of one these docs.

Dr. Jaffe was a coagulation specialist and regulatory physician at the NIH and was a "Doubting Thomas" about functional medicine. He heard of a Chinese acupuncturist getting much better results than typical Md's, so he traveled to Boston to see for himself. He ended up being a personal student of this doctor for an intensive 8-year program and then went much deeper into alternative and nutritional care.

A few examples of his many contributions to molecular biology and clinical diagnostics include:

  1. Early colon cancer detection tests 
  2. Predictive tests of cardiovascular health and function based on changes in blood clotting and systemic repair status.

Once he got the bug, Dr. J dove deeper into integrative care (combing functional and allopathic care together) so he has the privilege of contributing to the “birth” of modern integrative medicine.  He's published over 100 articles. He trains other Md's and has contributed to both practical contributions to clinical medicine as well as to healthcare policy. Dr. J. says he gave Dr. Berkson's Hormone Deception book (one of the 1st breakthrough books on hormone disruptors) to many regulatory folks at the NIH. He credits three women with major impact on environmental perspective and healthcare: Rachel Carson, Dr. Theo Coburn and Dr. Berkson. But Dr. J feels that Berkson had the courage to publish about detox before others, and now he too feels that detox must move mainstream. His daughter's godfather is the Dalai Lama and he was recorded surrounded by Tibetan pray flags, and with wind chimes humming... so this is a fascinating, pragmatic and inspiring radio show.

Feb 10, 2017

Dr. Berkson shares science-based steps to protect the glia cells in your brain that "feed" and "protect" brain and central nervous system nerves (neurons). If glia cells age, we age. Protecting glia cells is demonstrated to slow down brain aging, which is the real deal in achieving effective anti-aging. Berkson goes through what glia cells are, how they have been identified in corpse research to protect the brain as they do. She shares exact steps you can add into your daily life to keep your brain healthier, younger and more cognitively fit by care-taking these brain-supportive cells. Dr. Berkson explains "autophagy" and it's role with glia cells. She gives tips on tamping down unhealthy neuroinflammation (brain on fire) to reduce brain issues from migraines and brain fog to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Learn the one healthy and tasty food shown to reboot anti-cancer stem cells as well a glial function. Be amazed at Nrf2 activators that you can have in your fridge and meals as well as which turmeric compounds are 80% absorbable compared to only 8%. Learn what exercise has to do with your testosterone levels and hippocampal brain health, and more!

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