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Dec 22, 2017

Funky Food; fermented & predigested options with healthy food strategies with Sarica Cernohous. She is a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, Wellness Strategist and best selling author of The Funky Kitchen, and its accompanying online course, “Fresh, Fun and Flavorful in The Funky Kitchen.”  

Sarica guides people toward developing an enhanced and individualized understanding of how to eat in harmony with their constitution (body/mind/spiritual makeup) and to stay well or get well from disease and stress.

Sarica and Dr. Berkson engage in a lively discussion on what is fermented food, what is “authentic” or “fake” fermented food. How today’s wine and beer are different than hundreds of years ago. What fermentation does to proteins, carbs and food structure and why this makes a huge difference in health and allergenic load.

They discuss how not eating in-between meals is a huge healing habit, yet most Americans “nosh” themselves into excess calories, obesity, disease and dementia.

Sarica and Dr. B go into depth about candida organisms. We discuss the different states when candida is in harmony with us versus at war with us. We discuss eating to “humanize” ourselves, rather than promote dehumanizing ourselves.

The American cultural is addicted to excess. If a little is good, then more is better. This addiction to excess even applies to smoothies. We discuss why more food simplicity is critical for us all, adults and young kids alike.

Turns out that eating food is part of good food hygiene. Not eating food for long enough is also part of it. We usually don’t look at food from this critical perspective. 

S and Dr. B debate bone broth, which growing in use so much, it is getting neck-and-neck with coffee as an American beverage. Yet, bone broth has both light and shadow sides. You’ll learn about these.

Berkson shares her in-depth Kimchi whore house experience, and if you don’t laugh till your cry, you must already be on to your next incarnation.  If you write Berkson, you can get this famous, healthy and tasty recipe (

You’ll also learn: How to use a Snapple bottle top to help promote healthier circulation and promote body/mind integration, through upping “Gua sha” — and why should you care, what is “predigestion” and how do traditional fermented foods play a role in chronic disease, how much fermented food is healthy to eat, how to take baby steps if you are just beginning to clean up your diet and consume fermented foods, what are the “real” and “non-real” sour dough’s, what should labels say to tell you what’s good for your gut or if the food is truly fermented, which fermented foods—like sauerkraut—should you never eat and where do they “live” in grocery stores, and why isn’t this information widely discussed if it’s so important?

You will be pretty stunned to learn that almost everybody has some degree of “leaky gut” after most meals, but the issue is the degree. This natural phenomena, that drives nourishment into our blood stream so the gut wall has to open up to a certain degree, is scientifically called “post-prandial bacterial translocation” and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad.  Fermented foods can reduce the “bad” version.

PS: Gua Sha means "scraping till you create bruising" and is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to create light bruising which stimulates blood flow and healing. Best news, you can do this on yourself or your loved ones. The benefits, according to Sarica, are pretty instantaneous.

Sarica Cernohous shares recipes and health articles on her website,

Dec 18, 2017

Dush Ramachandran is a business transformation coach who grows companies from $50 to $350 million for everyday folks to have supreme business health and make their dreams come true.

Dush’s podcast the “Entrepreneur Effect” is one of the most watched and respected shows on line. It guides solo businesses to know how to succeed. This show has 400,000 listeners every single month!

Dush is President & CEO of a business, The Net Momentum Corp that helps people launch their products and companies.

In this show, Dush discusses how he helps businesses, books and online courses soar. Everything is moving to the web, okay, maybe not surgery. But a lot.

But this ability for the net to help us soar is this week under attack.

We have been enjoying the “Democratization of Media.” If you wanted to attain media reach even 15 years ago, you would have had to own a T.V. station, a radio station, a newspaper, or a film production company. Today with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, and Pinterest (and some interesting content), you could easily gain worldwide reach with a large number of followers.

These platforms have leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs.

They can now have an online presence similar to that of multi-billion-dollar corporations, with some effort and very little money. Now that’s exciting!

But this week, “Net Neutrality” is being voted on by the FCC to try to give more business speed and oomph to the larger and richer players, like phone and cable companies. And elbow the little business out.

Dush helps us surf whatever the business “is-ness” is, so we can make supreme business health a reality. Learn how Dush, an ex-VP of Business Development at the largest online marketplace of digital products, Click Bank, now helps regular folks become extraordinary.

And Dush has the background and skills to do it. When Dush was with Click Bank, he helped grow the company’s revenues nearly 500% in five years.

Its one thing to have a dream to invent, create, write or have a voice, but it’s another a whole other world letting the world know about it. And get them to buy it.

Dush helps your dreams become win/wins.

With the FCC wanting to change “net neutrality”, this could change your ability to make your dreams come true.  Call your representatives and let them know your concerns. Today!

Dush gives us sound advice.  

Every entrepreneur needs a plan.  Always start with a plan, even if it is sketched out on a scrap of paper. Dush remembers sketching the plan for a $200 million deal he did for one of my companies on a beer coaster in a pub in Germany. The terms for the sale of one of his companies was written up on a sheet of lined paper and exchanged with the buyers. Simply writing things down can make a plan so much clearer. I’m always telling my Net Momentum clients to write down their plans, no matter how simple they may appear.

With the Baby Boomer generation growing older, the largest generation ever is now settling down and changing our very concept of aging. This generation has participated in incredible wealth creation. More wealth has been created in the last 60 years than in all of history before that time. Opportunities to serve this demographic are huge.

Any idea that gives Boomers greater convenience and control over their lives will be hugely successful.

Dush’s favorite online tool for you to know about: Google Trends.

Google Trends tells us what people are searching for and where searches for each of these terms originate. You can even compare search volumes for two similar terms (e.g., BMW vs. Mercedes) and the impact of a news item on the search. There is nothing that pinpoints our zeitgeist like this tool.

Three people Dush suggests you should follow on Twitter.

Brendon Burchard, because he is one of the most ethical marketers out there.
Guy Kawasaki for his trenchant views on the venture capital industry.
Will Ferrell because he’s one of the funniest comedians of our generation.

When Dush isn’t helping your business, he’s pushing the limits on a motorcycle in the mountains of Colorado.

Contact Dush:


Dec 11, 2017

Sue Bratton is called “The Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions of Lovers” and is host to the Better Lover YouTube Channel.

Why this show? We live in a time with more discord than connection and more angst and divorce that stability and joy in long term marriages. In this show, Susan shares how to create joy, passion and stability within relationships with more sophisticated sexual know-how.

You’ll also learn how healthy passion is brain protective. In fact, this is exactly some of what Berkson shares in her lastest book SEXY BRAIN (go to for free gifts and to order this book).

Susan is a prolific author.  She has published over 20 books as well as online programs including her Amazon #1 Best Seller, Sexual Soulmates, Revive Her Drive, The Passion Patch and her wildly popular Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection.

Susan’s focus is getting you on “the upward pleasure spiral” — learning advanced techniques and facts about gender differences between men and women, to make love stay and marriages last.

Most of us learn math, history and the tools of our trade whatever that may be. But most of us are never taught how to love, to make love stay. We erroneously believe that if we only meet the exactly right person, love with stay. We think that passion is only part of the early part of romance. But passion is a critical part of making marriages happy and enduring, yet we are never taught how to have passion with our mate in a way that accomplishes this.

Like everything else, practice makes perfect and knowledge is power. This show empowers you to have success and longevity in love. And as you will learn, this helps you have a more stable family life and is even health and brain boosting for your kids. Berkson’s share emergent research that backs this interesting link to happy couples and healthier kids, out of Sweden.

Sue Bratton explains four points to “connect in pleasure” and help you both have a happier and healthier relationship and home life.

These four points are:


  1. Seduction
  2. Arousal
  3. Escalation
  4. Polarity

Seduction is not a “bad” word. It’s a way to move toward pleasure and to sustain peace and success within your relationship and marriage.

You’ll learn about sharing your truth and how to do it gently.

You’ll even learn how and why it’s important to share your fantasies.

In this show you understand how men are all about hitting the “bull’s eye” compared to women who are more about the outer circles of the target.

Once you get the differences built into men and women, you are armed with better tools to serve you beloved.

You’ll learn about “polarity” which highlights gender issues between happy, healthy or frustrating interactions between males and females.

Bratton and Berkson even discuss “gender fluidity” which emphasizes the application of this information toward every and every one of us.


Susan kindly set up a free gift for my listerners.

Go to:

What is the gift? It’s The Sexual Soulmate Pact, which is one of the six essentials for connected sex, excerpted from Bratton’s Amazon #1 best-selling book, Sexual Soulmates!

You can also “see” and learn more from Susan at:

My YouTube 'Better Lover’ Channel 
I ♥️ My Wife  

Dec 1, 2017

“Home Air” is more critical to your health than community air. So, the “bad” news is: your “home” is where your worse air pollution might lurk. But your “good” news is: since it’s your own home (even if it’s an apartment), you can take action to protect yourself and those you love. But you have to know the problem, how to assess it and what to do about it. That is what this show is stunningly about.

Terry Wright, with an environmental science background and in this business for 35 years, discusses how important home air quality is to keep you well or get your well once you are ill. This includes diverse health issues from infertility to cognition and from dermatologic issues to your child’s academic capabilities.

Unhealthy air in your home can get “seeded” from your attic, a moldy basement, or from dampness hidden under a sink. Unhealthy home air has been linked to infertility, ADHD, brain fog, dementia, severe fatigue, lung issues and more.

We think that the small air filters we buy from the grocery store every several months (ha) protects what we inhale 24/7. But that is not necessarily the case. Nor is purchasing new furnaces with UV light purifiers. The facts surrounding home air quality are not known by many, yet are so vastly influential on our health.

Today, many of us are trying to eat better, work out more and perhaps even sit less. But who knew that the air you breathe while you sleep and hang out at home, is vastly critical to well being. You know I also add to the healthy to-do list… hormonal health. This is because hormones dictate our physiologic Internet system. But air is constant. It’s powerful. And home air quality can often go south and contribute amazingly to your un-wellness. And all this can be unfolding without any awareness on your part or even your doctor’ part.

Once you hear this show, you will want to go to and sleuth around. If you decide to purchase an air consultation, or any products, when you put in Dr. Berkson’s code, 247, you get a 10% discount, and will not be charged for taxes or shipping.

An amazingly unique and helpful service, is that Mr. Wright will chat for free for 5 to 10 minutes when you first call (Toll Free # 800.234.6399). Then you can choose to set up an in-home consult via Skype.

Mr. Wright will look, via Skype, at your attic, under your sinks, and all through your casa. From his rich expertise of what to do to ensure high quality air free of mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and toxic dust and on and on, Mr. Wright will discuss his assessment and your options.

The list of what to do to stay well and get-well keeps enlarging. Now you need to add home air quality at the top of that set of to-do bullets. 


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How Air Pollution Impacts Pregnancy andTips On How To Stay Safe